CityGovJobs: Service Scale Back for City Non-Subscribers

08/18/2021 11:28 AM PDT

Service Scale Back for City Non-Subscribers

Beginning mid-August 2021, CityGovJobs will start to scale back services to city non-subscribers.  

To date, our services have been provided for free for demonstration purposes, however, we are now asking cities to support this product so we can continue to develop and expand services.

In June, 2021, we started to send out letters to city govts in our demonstration service area, which included a proposal for Supplemental Recruitment Services.  Proposed services included sharing job postings on LinkedIn with 14,000 followers, most of whom are City Govt Career Job Seekers.

Cities that opt NOT to subscribe may be removed from our website and we will stop sharing non-subscriber job posts on LinkedIn.

Job seeker subscribers may see fewer cities and jobs in the next few months as we scale down in hopes that more cities will subscribe for supplemental recruitment services, and to make it easier for City Govt Career Job Seekers to find city jobs.

Removed cities that wish to restart service may either send us an approved proposal or use Contact Us form to request a proposal.  You may also contact us with any questions you might have.  We will restore job view counts for cities that restart service.

Job Seekers may wish to more frequently monitor the list of cities served and make any adjustments to your saved searches in order to receive desired job alerts.  Click here for list of cities in service area.