CityGovJobs: Job Seeker Subscriber Update

03/10/2020 14:00 PM PDT

Job Seeker Subscriber Update

Changes to Help Job Seekers


On March 9, 2020, CityGovJobs implemented a couple changes to help Job Seekers get more use out of our services:


1.  Default Saved Search
First, we changed the limitation on the Default Saved Jobs Search to allow Job Seekers to select up to 5 counties.  Previously, the Default Saved Search was limited to 2 counties.
This change should produce more matching jobs since it covers a potentially larger geographic area.  This change can also result in more emails of job alerts, depending on your saved criteria and subscription.
Actions Required:
If desired, you may Edit your Default Search from your Job Alerts panel and add more counties.  To receive Emails of Job Alerts you'll need to edit your Alerts Setting in upper right corner of your Dashboard.
2.  City Links Search Now Free
The second major change we implemented was to make the City Links Search Free to all Subscribers.  Previously, under the Free Option, access to Links Search was limited to only County of Residence.
This change was implemented to simply increase usage and benefits of the City Links Search for all users.  These links do take us time to maintain, and so we do appreciate paid subscribers.   
Action Required:
No user action is required, but those Free Subscribers desiring to search and save more links to their Dashboard can now do so from multiple counties.   If you come across any broken Links, please report them to us using the Contact Us form.
As a friendly reminder, you can always add multiple saved job searches and the results will be summarized on your Dashboard.  Moreover, for paying subscribers, you will get alerts by emails of Mid, Senior and Executive Level jobs matching all your saved searches, but again, you must set your Alerts Settings as referenced above.
Alerts for Entry Level Jobs are Free, but CityGovJobs is currently only posting a limited number of Entry jobs on our Site.
More City subscribers are needed, so if you like our service, please urge cities to sign up.  
If you have any suggestions on future changes you'd like to see, please let us know through our Contact Us form.   We're happy to consider any suggestions that help users have a more pleasant and productive experience.
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