CityGovJobs: Job Seeker Services Now Free

06/01/2021 11:10 AM PDT

Job Seeker Services Now Free


Tonight, Tuesday, June 1, 2021, CityGovJobs will be deploying a version update that will make all Job Seeker service features FREE. 

Users on paying subscriptions will be automatically converted to a Free Subscription and service charges will be discontinued.  Anyone receiving a charge after June 1, 2021, may request a refund using the Contact Us form.

If you are a paying subscriber, your submitted interest in Jobs should not be affected by this subscription change and you should continue to recieve job alerts by email.

All fully registered Job Seekers will start getting Job Alerts by Email for jobs matching your saved search criteria.  If you haven't completed registration and do not have a saved search, you will not get any job alerts.

Moreover, all fully registered Job Seeker users may Freely Submit Interest in all job titles of interest to you that you are reasonably well-qualified to compete for (See Section 7C of new Terms of Use Agreement).

This version update allows users to create and add multiple saved searches. We encourage users to consider doing this in order to boost the number of job alerts you recieve.  Commonly used criteria for additional saved searches include:

  • Ones that specify only certain job titles or multiple job titles, no categories.  Examples:  "Assistant Planner",  "Associate Engineer", "Assistant City Manager" (i.e., common titles used by multiple city govts)

  • Ones that do not filter for any geographic areas or any county

  • Ones that specify only certain Job Levels, e.g. Executive or Senior, and perhaps combine with just one job category, e.g., Public Works.

Adding Saved Searches to your Dashboard will result in more job alerts being sent to you provided you have your Alerts Setting set to send you emails. 

Also, please review our updated Terms of Use Agreement dated June 1, 2021, which includes changes applicable to both Job Seeker Users as well as City Government Users. 

In the future, we will be relying on City Government Users to support the ongoing operation of CityGovJobs through paid subscriptions.

If your City is interested in our advertsing services, please Contact Us


CityGovJobs Team