CityGovJobs: Demo Site for City Job Postings

09/14/2021 12:24 PM PDT

Demo Site for City Job Postings

CityGovJobs has scaled back its service area and will serve some cities for demonstration purposes. 

We will continue to offer and provide services to cities that subscribe, however, CityGovJobs has not garnered enough city subscribers at this point to maintain services over a large geographic area or include all job postings of cities that do not subscribe.

And so, CityGovJobs is continuing to operate in hopes that more cities will subscribe.  We are also open to comments or suggestions on how this website may be used differently going forward, and are also open to the sale of this website or purchase by a third party or group of cities.

CityGovJobs was never intended to collect job applications.  It was launched to show how putting City Govt job posts on one website could make it easier for well-qualified job seekers to find City Govt Jobs.  This goal is illustrated through the content on our homepage and this messaging has generated interest by job seekers who continue to register.

However, Cities have simply not responded to this messaging even though CityGovJobs has generated over 400,000 job views from our services to date.  And while we feed job seekers to other job boards, it would be helpful if other job board vendors would support our efforts to aggregate city jobs.

With this news article, we offer up CityGovJobs for input by users or interested parties.

Some thoughts on service options are as follows:

  1. Some cities may wish to group together, decide if our services are of value, and subscribe so we can continue to develop and grow.  (If you need a report of job views generated by CityGovJobs for your City, from 1/1/2021 to 7/31/2021, let us know.  Applies only to CA Bay Area Cities in prior demonstration area.)
  2. A third party or group of cities could purchase CityGovJobs and our patent and operate the site or pursue other uses of the intellectual property as they see fit.
  3. We could work with job board vendors, including recruiters, to collectively create a syndicated website where "city govt job" posts are aggregated and searchable by job seekers and where the job posts link back to the ATS of the job board vendor or recruiter.  (We'd prefer others to fund the transition to this model which could be done either through a non-profit or a C Corp.  CityGovJobs could act as an ATS neutral coordinator or another party could be retained for this purpose). 
  4. Finally, City Govts might consider purchasing this site to use it as a frontend portal for job postings and then develop their own ATS or use one developed by other vendors or groups of cities, e.g., CalOpps.  Owernship could be done through a JPA or even another organization like CalOpps, but the idea here is that cities would group together to save money compared to using private vendors.  We'd prefer to see such an endeavor include all cities in each county. The policy case for this option might be based on cost savings.  Some analysis comparing existing costs to forecasted costs might be desired to justify this option.  (Note the site is scaleable to serve city govts in multiple states).    

If you have any comments on the above options or other thoughts or suggestions, feel free to contact Cary Kalscheuer at or send a message using Contact Us form.

Please submit your comments by November 15, 2021.