CityGovJobs General FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Job Seeker Questions and Answers


Q:  Why do I need to register as a Job Seeker?

A:   We provide each job seeker with a personalized Dashboard which includes 3 essential features: (1) job alerts matching your profile; (2) jobs titles that you can submit interest in to receive future job alerts; and (3) Links to job boards that you can use to access all City Govt Jobs in counties served by us.  Your Dashboard will help you more easily find what you're looking for but does require you to answer a few basic questions and complete registration.


Q:  What should I know before registering?

A:   Before registering we recommend that you search for jobs from our home page and determine what job categories produce the best results for you.  You may clear the category search and just search using job titles.  We recommed using no more than1 or 2 different job categories at a time without any job titles entered.  Once you get the results you desire, make a note of your search settings and use them when you register to ensure that your Dashboard is configured the way you want it.


Q:  Why am I not getting very many job matches when I check lots of job categories?

A:  CityGovJobs joins the job categories with an "and" rather than an "or" in our search algorithm.  This helps us narrow your search result more quickly, especially for the large number of jobs on our site to submit interest in.  But this method of joining categories results in fewer matches when you check multiple categories, so please use fewer job categories to produce more results.  For example, use the categories of "Administration and Management" and "City Management" to look for Executive Level jobs in City Manager's Office.  Select only "Administrative and Analytical" to look for Management Analyst positions across all city departments.


Q:  What are "Jobs of Interest"?

A:   Jobs of Interest are budgeted job titles which may be filled or vacant positions.   These job titles have been categorized by CityGovJobs so that job seekers can quickly find them, submit interest in them, and get job alerts for these positions at specific cities once they become open recruitments.  This feature is offered to help busy, hard working job seekers that don't have time to monitor job postings or junk emails of job postings unrelated to your career track. CityGovJobs is currently monitoring job postings and submitted interest and posting jobs to test the market for this feature and demonstrate to cities how it works. 


Q:  What's the purpose of having Multiple Saved Searches?

A:   Through the onboarding process, you will set up a default saved search which limits users to 5 counties.  Some users may wish to add separate saved job searches in order to cover additional geographic areas or broaden their job search criteria.  For instance, you might have one search based on Job Categories, and another search based on specific job titles, such as "Assistant City Manager".  Depending on your subscription level, you can get Job Alerts by Email for all the Saved Search results, or login to view matching jobs for free which are summarized on your Dashboard for each named saved search!  


Q:  What devices do you recommend using to conduct searches on CityGovJobs?

A:  You may use a mobile device, such as an iPhone or android phone to register and start searching, but we actually recommend you register with a laptop or desktop computer to get full view of CityGovJobs which will allow you to more quickly familiarize yourself with the site's search features and configure your saved search settings.  Once you've set up your default search and perhaps added a couple saved searches, you should be fine to use your phone.


Q:  Does CityGovJobs have a mobile app?

A:  Our job search result displays well on mobile devices, however, we may consider releasing an app in the future.  If you have any suggestions or concerns, feel free to send us a message using our Contact Us form.


City Government Questions and Answers


Q: Where did the job titles come from that appear on CityGovJobs?

A: CityGovJobs reached out to cities through public records requests to obtain budgeted job titles and hyperlinks to job announcements and other information.  We characterized your jobs using over 130 job categories and uploaded them along with other selective information to help you get started and to demonstrate how our service features work and how they can benefit users.


Q: We already use a job posting service that's linked to our ATS, so why should we use CityGovJobs?

A: CityGovJobs doesn't compete with other job posting services that include job announcements and an ATS, we seek to compliment those services by making it more convenient for city government career job seekers to find your job announcements.  About 80% of job seekers looking for a city government job go directly to city websites to search for jobs.  Think about that.  It takes time to get to your site, and it takes time to monitor job postings. This is the No. 1 reason why many well qualified job seekers stop seaching for jobs--it just takes too much time.    We provide job seekers with an industry dedicated site with better filters and patented features that bridge them to your job announcements so you get better qualified candidates.


Q: Some Jobs of Interest on CityGovJobs are filled on a citywide basis, not through separate recruitments for each Department, so why does CityGovJobs include job titles for each Department of our City?

A: CityGovJobs recognizes that some recruitments are conducted to create eligibility lists which are used to fill vacancies in multiple departments.  However, the practices of cities vary widely and so we created tools which allow you to control the visibility of your Jobs of Interest to job seekers.  For instance, you can delete all 'Office Specialist' positions in all Departments and designate just one 'Office Specialist' title in a "Citywide" Department.  You may also hide jobs from job seekers if that's your preference.  We can also help you to quickly change how your job titles are organized and displayed.


Q: Some Jobs of Interest on CityGovJobs appear to be ones we would fill through Closed Promotional recruitments. Why does CityGovJobs make these job titles open to the public to submit interest in?

A: CityGovJobs has hidden some public safety jobs that are usually filled through Closed Promotional Recruitments.  Additional jobs may be hidden from job seekers following registration.  


Q:  What should I know before registering?

A:   Before registering we recommend you decide who should be in charge of managing our service on behalf of your City, because the first person that registers becomes the Account Holder and can add and manage additional users.  Note, however, that CityGovJobs Terms of Use Agreement restricts registrants to only employees of your City who are responsible for recruitments.  City employees that perform class and comp studies are also allowed users.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using Contact Us form.


We'd like to know what other questions you might have so please feel free to Contact Us.