Deputy Police Chief Job at Vallejo, Solano County, California

Deputy Police Chief

City of Vallejo , California

Job Information 



Executive Level


$181,117.63 - $222,364.93 Annually

Application Deadline 


01/31/2021 05:00 PM PST

Recruitment Type 

Open Competitive


The Opportunity

Candidates inspired by their call to public service are invited to apply for the position of Deputy
Police Chief with the Vallejo Police Department.  The Deputy Police Chief will have a unique
opportunity to play a pivotal role assisting the Chief in leading an organization through a time of
change in societal expectations and approaches to policing. While this position will not be without
its challenges, the candidate selected for this position will have the ability to make  impacts
that will last long beyond his/her tenure.  


The Department

In recent news and headlines, our City has been thrust into the spotlight as an epicenter for
national discussions and debates on police reform. In addition, the crime data for the first six
months of 2020 reported significant increases across the board in homicides, rapes, and
property crimes since last year. Crime demographics also show that the criminal activity is
disproportionately impacting our Black and Latino communities.

In the last year, the City of Vallejo and the Vallejo Police Department launched its reform
efforts by hiring a new Police Chief and seeking the outside guidance of policing experts from
the OIR Group. We have also signed an agreement to collaborate with the California
Department of Justice to seek their expertise, resources and oversight as we continue to
implement reform.  

The City of Vallejo and Police Chief Shawny Williams, are dedicated to reforming our Police
Department, building trust and positive relationships with the community, and reducing crime
–  utilizing 21st Century Community Policing methodologies. As we make new investments in
our police operations and roll out new policies, we find it necessary to have additional support
for Chief Williams at the executive level in order to achieve success.  


Ideal Candidate
The ideal candidate will exemplify the Vallejo Police Department’s core Values:

They will be able to demonstrate the ability to inspire confidence and trust of Department staff, City
officials, and community members. They will be approachable, responsive, confident, and trustworthy.
They will demonstrate a personal commitment to engaging community members    and forming
relationships based on understanding and compassion, and will encourage the same in all members of the
Police Department.  

The ideal candidate will have knowledge of where the department is now, how it got here, and the
direction it is moving. In addition,    they will be an effective manager, focused on best practices for
accountability and policy development with the command presence and experience to build a culture of
trust, respect, credibility and confidence within the Department. The ideal candidate must have
outstanding communication skills whose approach is characterized by fairness, integrity, openness,
honesty, and transparency.  




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