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REGISTER NOW has uploaded ~100% of your budgeted job titles for each city in active counties of states served. You may hide some job titles from job seekers to block them from submitting interest, but to continue to post jobs for FREE after your trial, simply allow at least 80% of your budgeted job titles to collect interest from job seekers, and post as job alerts on CityGovJobs when doing recruitments. Other subscription options are available below for reduced levels of job post commitments.

Option features & Pricing

Service Feature 1-Any Time
Job Post
5-Any Time
Job Posts
Paid Unlimited
Job Posts
Free Unlimited
Job Posts
City ProfileCreate/Edit profile & Links
Manage budgeted job titlesAdd, Edit, Delete, Hide
Minimum % of job titles set to collect interest





Hide Executive & Senior Level Jobs YES YES YES NO
Job alerts Limit of 1 Job at a time for 1 Month Up to 5 Jobs at a time for 1 Month UNLIMITED UNLIMITED
Human resources users 2 4 UNLIMITED 6
City links search LIMITED to County of City All active counties All active counties All active counties
Resume search LIMITED to County of City All active counties All active counties All active counties
Price $35/Month $75/Month
  • $1,200/yr
  • $1,900/yr
  • $3,200/yr
  • up to 499
  • 500-999
  • >1,000

During your FREE TRIAL you will be signed up for the Free Unlimited Option as described above. Following your FREE TRIAL you may select any subscription option above and upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Any upgrades or downgrades in paid subscriptions will go into effect immediately and will replace your current paid subscription. Unused paid subscription amounts are applied as a credit when upgrading. Billing amounts for downgrades are charged when your current paid plan expires.

Stars On Jobs of Interest

Immediately following your registration, we place Stars on your budgeted jobs to attract job seeker submittal of interest so you have a ready list of potential applicants when the time comes to post your job alerts. The higher percentage of budgeted job titles you make available to job seekers, the more stars we put on your jobs:

Stars on Jobs of Interest
% of Budgeted Job Titles Accessible Stars on Jobs to Attract & Collect Job Seeker Interest
60% - 79%
40% - 59%
20% - 39%


The No. 1 problem faced by busy, well-qualified city government career job seekers, is that they don't have time to search multiple websites to find city government jobs.

Citygovjobs was created to address this and other problems, and its Jobs of Interest search and other features are covered by Patent No. 9,449,300, issued on September 20, 2016, and entitled Prospective City Government Jobs Posting System for Multiple City Goverment Employers with Intergrated Service Feartures.

When considering city purchasing requirements, please note the U.S. Patent likely qualifies Citygovjobs as a sole source service of LLC.