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One South Van Ness Avenue, 4th Floor San Francisco, CA 94103

About San Francisco

San Francisco is located on a peninsula bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west, and San Francisco Bay to the east.  To the north across the Golden Gate Bridge is Marin County, and to the south is San Mateo County. 

San Francisco is the fourth largest city in the state of California by population and is geographically the smallest county.  San Francisco is the only City in the State of California that is consolidated as both a City and a County, which makes it oraganizationally and functionally diverse and causes it to have a high number of full-time equivalent (FTE) employees compared to other cities.

Incorporated in 1850, the City and County of San Francisco's departments include management of county health, welfare, and justice functions; a port, international airport, and a public transportation agency; and, a regional public utility department providing water, sewer, and power to customers in San Francisco and the broader region.  These functions go beyond those typically found in most other city governments in California. 

While San Francisco only has 6 Departments listed in its budget, each Department has a number of divisions, and in total, there are nearly 50 divisions.  Moreover, because of the large number of divisions, CityGovJobs only lists the Department names on this profile, however, since San Francisco posts it's jobs by division, you'll find the division name reflected as the "Department" on each job post.

Citygovjobs has started to upload budgeted job titles into our database and is accepting submittal of interest in jobs.  We will post a limited number of job openings in San Francisco at this time to help our users more easily find jobs in San Francisco using our city job categories.  You may click on the "Job Announcements" link on this profile to view additional job openings at San Francisco.

San Francisco is at the center of a dynamic and innovative region that continues to create jobs and opportunities, and the work products which have emerged from this area have had lasting social and cultural impacts worldwide. And so, San Francisco is a great place to find and establish a life-long challenging career.

San Francisco is also one of the most culturally diverse and internationally recognized cities in United States with residents of African American (5.8%), Asian (33%), Caucasian (41.9%), Hispanic (15.1%), Native American (0.2%), Pacific Islander (0.4%), and other (3.5%) descent. The City is also home to the third largest concentration of members of the LGBTQ community among the 50 largest U.S. cities.

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Human Welfare and Neighborhood Development
Public Works, Transportation and Commerce
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