Police Intern Job at Novato, Marin County, California

Police Intern

City of Novato , California

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$15.00 - $18.23 Hourly

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No Application Deadline

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Open Competitive



The primary goal of the Police Intern Program is to further prepare and develop qualified college students to enter the field of law enforcement -- preferably with the Novato Police Department -- while pursuing successful completion of a college education.

The Intern Program will offer college students, who are interested in a possible career in law enforcement, a rewarding and insightful experience by providing an education- based program working in all divisions in the police department. The intern will work with experienced police officers, community service officers and other civilian employees. The intern will work on a rotational basis, in various assignments throughout this department.

Police interns will benefit from a variety of experiences in providing service in support of the Department's mission. At the completion of their internship, some participants may ultimately receive department sponsorship to a police academy or employment in a support assignment.

Interns are civilian, part- time, at-will employees.

 Typical Qualifications:

The Novato Police Department is committed to the mentoring and developing of "future" police employees. Novato Police Department has the highest of standards placed on our police officers and our support staff. With this program, the department hopes to develop a qualified pool of police officer and support staff candidates who demonstrate characteristics consistent with the Department's values. Intern qualifications include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Attend an accredited college and maintain a minimum class load of 9 units.
  • Interns are not required to enroll in college courses other than during regularly scheduled fall and spring semesters, or if on a quarter system, other than fall, winter and spring quarters.Novato Police Department encourages students to be educationally focused as full-time students.
  • Interns will be required to show proof of college enrollment every semester/ quarter.
  • Basic computer skills are required: Word, Outlook, Excel.
  • Interns will maintain GPA of 2.0 or better and provide proof every semester/quarter to the program supervisor.
  • Interns will possess a high school degree or its equivalent.
  • Interns must be at least 18 years of age at the time of their appointment.
  • Interns must possess a valid California Driver's License with a satisfactory driving record along with transportation to and from work.
  • Interns cannot be on Probation for any criminal offense.
  • Interns will not hold outside employment unless specifically approved by the Administrative Services Division Captain.
  • Interns must be customer service oriented.
  • Interns can remain in the position for no longer than four years.

Candidates that satisfy the above requirements are encouraged to apply

 Additional Information:

Interns begin at a $13.00 per hour rate and may be considered for step increases based upon performance evaluation, assignments, and grade point average. The intern salary range is $13.00 to $17.75 per hour.

Applicants are screened for relevant education, experience and/or licensing requirements as stated on the job announcement. Those persons most qualified may be required to compete in any combination of written, oral, performance and/or assessment center examinations. Candidates who successfully pass the examination process are placed on the eligibility list.

In compliance with the Immigration and Reform Act of 1986, the City of Novato will only hire individuals who are legally authorized to work in the United States.

The City of Novato is an Equal Opportunity Employer  

The City will make reasonable efforts in the selection process to accommodate persons with disabilities. Please advise the Human Resources Division of such special needs at the time of application.


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