Assistant / Associate Engineer

City of East Palo Alto , California

Job Information 


Public Works

Mid Level


$6,730.25 - $8,180.66 Monthly

Application Deadline 

9/18/2020 at 5:00 PM or 100 Applicants

No Application Deadline

Recruitment Type 

Open Competitive


The Public Works Department plays a significant role in transitioning the City to a vibrant mixed-use City, by leading the effort to design, construct and maintain the City’s infrastructure. The Department consists of the Maintenance and Engineering Divisions.  The City of East Palo Alto is seeking a highly organized, hands-on, decisive and innovative Engineer with excellent interpersonal skills to fill the position of an Assistant Engineer.

Under direction of the City Engineer/and or Senior Engineer, the incumbent performs journey-level engineering work in the field of current and/or comprehensive engineering; provide information and assistance to other city departments, developers, the business community, outside jurisdictions, and the public on land use development, engineering, and other related matters.   Under general direction, and receives occasional instruction or assistance as new or unusual situations arise, and are fully aware of the operating procedures and policies of the work unit.


Job PDF: 

PDF icon Assistant-Associate Engineer Flyer 8.28.20 (HR).pdf

Ideal Candidate 

Performs engineering work in the preparation of plans and specification of public works improvements, including streets, water distribution system, storm drain, buildings, street lights, and wastewater systems.  Perform field surveys, supervise survey crews.  Assist in the preparation of maps, plans, and layouts.  Designs, layout and make functional studies of water distribution systems, wastewater collection and treatment system, storm drain, and other infrastructure and utility systems.

Inspects structures under construction.  Inspects structural plans and specifications to make estimate on time and materials.  Prepares memoranda and reports. 

Carries out research; write specialized reports and correspondence, and record pertinent information about historically and architecturally significant resources.  Answers questions and provide information to the public, investigate complaints and recommend corrective action as necessary to resolve complaints’ concerning the City engineering function.  Prepares requests for proposals for outside contractors; draft and administer contracts of outside consultants; oversees the maintenance of consultant schedules; oversees consultant records and invoices; review and approve invoices for payment.

Attends a variety of meetings as required.  Makes public presentations and present oral reports on engineering information and activities.  Serves customers at the counter, in the field, and over the telephone.  Assists in the administration of grants for public projects.  Review and process and process encroachment permits.  Performs related duties and responsibilities as required.


Retirement: CalPERS  Classic Members - 2.5% @ 55 formula

* Employee pays 8% employee contribution. * Three year average final compensation.

CalPERS New Members—2% @ 62 formula

* Employee pays 6.25% employee contribution * Three year average final compensation


Medical:  (City pays 100% Employee Coverage and 65% Dependent Coverage)

Dental:  (City pays full cost for employee only)



City Monthly Contribution to Premium

Employee Monthly Contribution to Premium


Employee Only

 $           687.52

 $                    -  

 $    687.52 

Employee + 1

 $        1,179.10

 $           264.70

 $ 1,443.80 

Employee + 2 or More

 $        1,581.30

 $           481.27

 $ 2,062.57 



City Monthly Contribution to Premium

Employee Monthly Contribution to Premium


Employee Only

 $           726.72

 $                    -  

 $    726.72 

Employee + 1

 $        1,246.32

 $           279.79

 $ 1,526.11 

Employee + 2 or More

 $        1,671.45

 $           508.70

 $ 2,180.15 



City Monthly Contribution to Premium

Employee Monthly Contribution to Premium


Employee Only

 $           516.63

 $                    -  

 $    516.63 

Employee + 1

 $           886.02

 $           198.90

 $ 1,084.92 

Employee + 2 or More

 $        1,188.25

 $           361.64

 $ 1,549.89 



City Monthly Contribution to Premium

Employee Monthly Contribution to Premium


Employee Only

 $             82.72

 $                    -  

 $      82.72 

Employee + 1

 $             82.72

 $             82.07

 $    164.79 

Employee + 2 or More

 $             82.72

 $           186.93

 $    269.65 


Life Insurance: (City pays for coverage of $25,000)

Long Term Disability:  (City paid)

State Disability Insurance: (Employee paid)


Holidays: 12 paid holidays / year


Vacation: 80-200 hours per year, based on years of continuous public service.

Minimum Continuous Service   Amount of Vacation Earned Annually

0-4.99 years                                        80 hours (3.08 hrs by-weekly)

5-9.99 years                                        120 hours (4.62 hrs by-weekly)

10-14.99 years                                   160 hours (6.15 hrs by-weekly)

0-4.99 year                                          200 hours (7.69 hrs by-weekly)


Sick Leave: 8 hours / month

Optional Benefits: Flex (125) Plan with Supplemental Benefits

Special Instructions 

To be considered for this employment opportunity, please complete the City Application or apply by going to where you may submit your application online.

Applications not applying online are asked to mail, or hand-deliver, their application to:


Irma Martinez, Human Resources Assistant

Human Resources Department

East Palo Alto Government Center 

2415 University Avenue, 2nd Floor East Palo Alto, CA 94303-1164 

Attention: Assistant Engineer


The City of East Palo Alto’s goal is to attract, develop and retain a diverse, well-qualified and professional workforce. Candidates should apply prior to the closing date of September 18, 2020. Candidates should be aware that references will not be contacted until mutual interest has been established.



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