More about Jobs of Interest for:

This page shows you how to get Job Alerts in response to interest submitted in budgeted job titles or "Jobs of Interest."

1. Upon registration, you'll be matched with Jobs of Interest that you may access from your dashboard.

Jobs of Interest are not current job openings, they are budgeted job titles provided for user convenience to submit interest in so that you may get future job alerts for open positions posted by registered city users.

Screenshot from the system for job seekers

2. To Submit Interest in Jobs, you'll first need to complete an abbreviated Resume:

  • Complete required (*) items of Resume as shown on the right.
  • Work History is optional and can be added later if desired.
  • You may hide your resume from City Searches or from up to 5 cities.

Key resume data of those who submit interest is summarized and made available to cities to showcase key qualifications of potential applicants. Personal resume data is hidden for Executive and Senior Level positions. See below definitions.

Screenshot from the system for job seekers

3. Open JOB SEARCH from your Dashboard to view Jobs of Interest. Note the following definitions:

  1. Levels ExecutiveCity Manager and Department Heads
    SeniorDivision Manager positions
    MidMost other City Government Jobs
    EntryInterns, Trainees, Cadets
  2. LinksUse hyperlinks to City web pages to research job titles and to view City Profile on CityGovJobs.
  3. Stars on JobsStars on Jobs means the City has registered to use CityGovJobs. More stars means the City has committed to make more of its budgeted jobs accessible to job seekers to submit interest in.
  4. CityGovJobs may post Job Alerts for non-registered cities provided we have access to such information, and interest from Job Seeker subscribers.
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4. Submit Interest

  • Click on "Submit Interest" button to submit interest in jobs and to receive Job Alerts for open positions.
  • CityGovJobs encourages you to submit interest in all jobs you're well qualified for and want to pursue, even if the job doesn't have stars.
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5. Get Jobs Alerts and Apply

  • When jobs are posted by Cities, you'll receive an email alert about jobs you submitted interest in.
  • Settings allow you to get alerts for only jobs you submit interest in as separate from Jobs Matching Saved Search Criteria.
  • Alerts will link you to your Dashboard and to City Job Announcements and info on how to apply.
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6. Find Jobs You Want

  • We've uploaded thousands of jobs to help you find ones that are right for you.
  • All you need to do is register to get started.

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