About Jobs of Interest for City Users

More about Jobs of Interest for:

CityGovJobs allows job seekers to quickly submit interest in jobs at multiple cities. This gives you access to great potential applicants you can easily direct to your job announcements, ATS or contract recruiters.

1. Upon registration, you'll be able to view count of Submitted Interest in your jobs on your Dashboard:

Screenshot from the system for city users

2. Potential Applicant Qualifications

  • Summary info is available on submitted interest for job seeker's that a completed resume.
Screenshot from the system for city users

3. Post Job Alert Takes less than 1 minute!

  • Use template on the right to easily post a Job Alert or Job Announcement clicking through Edit icons.
  • Most Job Posts only require 4 items:
    1. Salary or Wage
    2. Application Deadline
    3. URL to Job Announcement
    4. Run dates for Job Post
  • To create a job announcement just cut and paste descriptive info into your job post and enter URL to your ATS.
  • Alerts and Announcements are distributed to those that submitted interest and are available to others through searches.
  • When you post a full Job Announcement, it not only appears on CityGovJobs, but is picked up by Job Seekers using Google Jobs Search.
Screenshot from the system for city users

4. Track Views / Get Well-Qualified Applicants

  • From your Dashboard panels you can track views of each Job Alert.
  • No time to post Job Alerts? You may add other City users to help post Job Alerts and manage your City's subscription.
Screenshot from the system for city users

5. Become a Recruitment Superstar

  • City Gov Jobs has uploaded your job titles to help you get started...

    All you need to do is register and start posting Job Alerts!
Screenshot from the system for city users