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CityGovJob's Team

Citygovjobs is owned and operated by LLC, located at 2601 E. Chapman Ave., Suite 203, Fullerton, CA 92831.
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Cary Kalscheuer, Founder

Cary holds a BA and MPA from California State University, Fullerton, and advanced through 7 separate positions while working for 3 city governments in Southern California over 29 years. Cary retired from an Assistant Director position with the City of Azusa's Utilities Department in May 2018, to start up LLC. See Founder's Story for more information about Cary.

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Theresa Gawlik

Theresa received her AA degree in Administration of Justice from Long Beach City College and worked as a Police Cadet for a Southern California Police Department. Theresa also has over 17 years of experience in the Public Records & Background Research industry, and now helps with public records requests and data collection for CityGovJobs. Theresa leads efforts to categorize city government jobs and helps with operations management. Theresa is married to a Police Officer and is a mother of three.

"I can totally relate to Citygovjobs' vision. Now that my children are grown, I decided to re-invent myself and find a new career. After months of searching for jobs using other websites, I realized that my applications and resumes were not producing desired results. It was disheartening. There were just too many various jobs for me to filter through and the websites I used were very time-consuming. I now hope to help change that for others here at Citygovjobs.” - Theresa

CityGovJobs's Development Partner - Endertech

Endertech is a Los Angeles web design and software development company based in Torrance, California.
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Gabriel Richards, Founder & CEO

Gabe received a BA in Philosophy from UC Irvine in 2000 and founded Endertech that same year. He has over twenty years of experience designing and developing all sorts of websites, databases, and software applications. He is skilled in creative thinking, problem solving, business analysis, software system architecture, project management, software engineering, and cloud server administration.

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Noemi Quezada, Senior Developer

Noemi received her BS in Computer Science from CSU Fullerton in 2015 and her MS in Software Engineering from the same university in 2017. She joined Endertech in 2014 and has over five years of professional experience in web development and mobile development and design. She is skilled in iOS/web development, software architecture, mobile UX and design, and software engineering.

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Juan Castillo, Creative Director

Juan received a BA degree in Art from Yale University in 2008 and has over twelve years of professional experience in print design and web design and development. He joined Endertech in 2014. He is skilled in UI and UX design for both web and mobile, logo design and branding, wireframing, and frontend web development.