Learn about the founder and the inspiration behind CityGovJobs

About CityGovJobs.com

The Founder's Story

The inspiration for Citygovjobs comes from a rewarding career of working for city governments and the desire to share that experience with others.
Cary Kalscheuer, Founder

Cary Kalscheuer founded CityGovtJobs.com LLC in 2017 after being issued a patent for a website which is now Citygovjobs.com.

The patent application was filed back in 2009, after two years of dabbling with a website concept on weekends and after regular work days, "At the time, I was 20 years into my city government career and felt it wasn't easy to monitor job postings while working a challenging full-time position."

"I really enjoyed working for city governments and the Director I worked for. I just wanted to see others, including myself, be able to more easily advance or move into positions where we could make increasingly greater contributions to improve local communities."

"Working for local government is unique in this way. You can actually walk down Main Street and see how your work efforts improve the quality of life locally. This is one of the reasons I enjoyed living in the cities where I worked."

Although Cary advanced through 7 separate city government jobs over 20 years at 3 separate cities, he found that finding jobs of interest can be time-consuming.

"Well-qualified people working full-time jobs, who may be busy raising kids or may be going to school to improve themselves, shouldn't have to spend hours each day looking for advancement opportunities."

"Today, in some sense, the situation is even worse, because job announcements are distributed so quickly electronically that you can get bombarded with too many job announcements from a mix of industries and different government agencies you are not interested in."

"These same job distribution platforms also send out job announcements to many people who are not qualified and can overwhelm HR Departments wasting valuable staff time."

Anyone familiar with filling out Interest Cards will quickly catch on to how Citygovjobs' core patented feature works.

Instead of searching for Job Announcements, Cary believed that it would be easier to simply search for job titles you knew you were qualified for and interested in, and then submit interest in them, in large numbers--and quickly. Then, just await job alerts to come your way.

In a nutshell, that's how Citygovjobs works, "It's a little like Interest Cards on steroids," Cary explains.

"Imagine if you're a Management Analyst working for a city in Santa Clara County, California, and wanted to land a 'Senior' Management Analyst job in any city in Santa Clara County. Using Citygovjobs, you would simply search for 'Senior Management Analyst' jobs in Santa Clara County, and the system returns a full list of Senior Management Analyst jobs at all cities in Santa Clara County.

You can then filter the list by job categories, such as Public Works, and then submit interest in every Senior Management Analyst job at every city from one web page and await the job postings to come your way.

No need to fill-out an interest card or online form either, once you register and enter your key qualifications you're set to submit interest in any job at any city active in the system."

The original idea was thought to benefit cities as well by providing them with a ready list of qualified potential candidates to fill vacancies more quickly. Since the website is industry focused, it was thought to provide mainly city government career oriented potential applicants to cities.

Of course, Citygovjobs includes more robust features than interest cards on steroids. Users can also get job announcements or alerts for jobs matching a more general search criteria, and access to city job announcement web pages directly from user-friendly dashboard.

To view all the features, job seekers are encouraged to start a free trial and discover how Citygovjobs can help you find your next opportunity to serve and improve our local communities.